Homekeez is an accommodation service provider. We offer a spectrum of rental accommodations. We offer more than just accommodations, we offer homes with everything a person needs to ‘feel like home’, ‘to feel belong’. Our homes are designed to give the finest housing experience to each of our residents and attractive rental incomes to the property owners.


We convert the residences into compelling accommodations aesthetically furnished such that our prospective residents can just move in with their suitcase and start living in a fully loaded home.
We offer these homes on rent to prospective tenants as shared units or as a single unit. The accommodation is offered as a package of comfort, security and convenience, a package that commands a premium in the rental segment.

So, what's in it for you?

Landlording sounds attractive and is a profitable venture too, but for the proverbial headaches,


If you are a house owner and would like to rent out your house, We would like you to partner with us. We can offer you two options:

★   Option 1  ★

★   Enhanced Earning Model   ★

If you think your investment in this property is not yielding enough returns, rents are too low, we offer you: Enhancedearnings model

In this model, we will reframe your house into a fully furnished home and let it out as shared accommodation. A two bed room apartment will be let out to four individuals thus generating a higher rental income. For the services rendered homekeez takes a certain percentage of the rent.

★   Option 2   ★

★   Assured Rental Model   ★

If you prefer to maintain a stress free distance & earn a regular rent we offer you: Assured Rental Model.

In this model, Homekeez takes your house on rent and lets it out to prospective tenants. You get your rent every month irrespective of occupancy factor i.e. even if your house remains vacant you get your rent promptly every month.

Will this work for you?

we have designed and redesigned the process so as to give you a wonderful renting experience.

It's Safe and Secure

We know your house is close to your heart, your pride and one of the most important things in life. That is why we place security and safety of the asset as the centre of the process. From checking the identity of the tenants, to payment collection, periodic inspection of the property and making sure the rules of the house are followed, we have a battery of processes to make sure the sanctity and decorum of the home is maintained.

You are in Control

Though Homekeez will take care everything, you will still have the control. We will get your consent before letting out to any tenant, using your homekeez account you can know the profile of every tenant , you can inspect the space anytime after giving a prior notice. In short, you can maintain a stress free distance and also stay in control.

Hassle Free Income

We have designed and redesigned the process so as to give you a wonderful renting experience. From advertising your space to rent collection very single step is professionally handled by homekeez, so as to give you complete peace of mind and enhanced earning.


Enhanced Earning

With homekeez you earn more than 40% as rent, apart from higher occupancy rate. Renting it to the right people in the right way, we focus on maximizing your rental yields, while minimizing any rental voids. Just call us and we will do the mathemetics to show how you can maximize your rental yield.

So, what's next

Just click the button above and fill in some basic details.

We will get in touch with you and help you get acquainted with homekeez model. At the end of the friendly discussion you will be thrilled to know how your home and homekeez can be a perfect match.